The Nokia E7 – The Most Anticipated Smartphone by Nokia

One of the most anticipated smartphone by Nokia is the Nokia E7. This high end smartphone was originally scheduled to hit the stores at the end of 2010, but the Finnish producer was forced to delay the introduction to early 2011. Nokia recently announced that the company has started shipping the smartphone to selected markets and that the E7 will soon be available in every market.

The Nokia E7 is a stunning device with a nice anodized silver frame and a large 4.0 inch touchscreen. The E7 actually has the largest touchscreen ever used on a Nokia smartphone making it really easy to navigate the different menu’s on this phone. One of the best features of the Nokia E7 is the fact that is has a slide-out qwerty keyboard, this makes typing a text message or e-mail a lot easier and faster on this phone.

The E7 is running on the Symbian^3 OS which is easier to use and has more intuitive touch screen controls. This OS has three home screens which you can personalize to fit your needs. Symbian^3 further more introduced 250 new features which you can use. The 680 MHz ARM 11 processor with a Broadcom BCM2727 GPU makes sure that the device is running smooth and all the applications will load properly. Next to all this the Nokia E7 also packs an 8 megapixel camera, GPS with A-GPS, MP3 and video player, FM radio, both 3G support and WiFi for super fast internet and many more applications. vivo v17 pro

The Nokia E7 is a high end smartphone with which Nokia is also targeting the business segment. The phone is put the market as the ultimate business phone with all kinds of applications ideal for people using this phone as their business phone. The Nokia E7 for example has real-time push emails with Mail for Exchange. Next to that you have easy access to your work and private email accounts from the same view. You can create, edit and share office docs and view PDF files with Adobe Reader. With the Nokia E7 you can always be online an even get fast, secure intranet access with the built-in VPN.

Overall the Nokia E7 is the ideal smartphone for both normal and business segment. This smartphone has the most high end applications and good hardware. Combining that with the high building quality of Nokia smartphones makes it obvious why so many people are waiting for the Nokia E7 to hit the stores.



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